English subtitles are better

作者: Nancy   年級:高一   發布時間:2020年06月12日

  Nowadays, foreign movies are becoming more and more popular among us. For us, watching English movies is also helpful for us to learn English.However, whether we use English or Chinese subtitles becomes the key to our study. In my opinion,English movie subtitles are necessary and important to our study English. Therefore, I advocate watching English movies with proper subtitles. First, If we watch movies with English subtitles, it will not only improve our translation ability, but also make it easier for us to learn to make sentences. What's more,if we only read the Chinese subtitles , we will not learn anything about English, and we don't learn new English words. It is no use for us to learn English. Most important of all, We can read after ourselves in English to understand the feelings of the characters, understand the plot of the movie more easily, and practice our oral English. Therefore, I think we should read English subtitles when watching English movies,so that we can learn English better In English movies. In fact, English subtitles are more helpful for us to learn English, so English subtitles are more important for us.

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