A Present For My Father

作者: yan   年級:高三   發布時間:2020年06月04日

  I'm going to buy a present for my father, because father's day is coming. I want to give my father a surprising present, so the process of preparing the gift should not be known to the father. Some believe that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, while others argue that this is normal and should be so, I think so too.The reasons are as follows.

  First of all, father is in charge out daily expenses, and all this was earned by father's hard work.

  What's more who helped us when we were in trouble? It was father who helped us, we wouldn't be living so easy without out father.

  Last but not least whenever we are in a bad mood, it is father who buys us presents to make us happy.

  As the famous saying goes,"Father,is like the sea as deep and wide."

  All in all father has done so much for us,why can't we buy him a small gift? we should buy them! also, saying't happy Father's Day" to dather on Father's day.

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