New term's plans

作者: snowwhit   發布時間:2020年05月30日

  Hello!My name is Mary. My new term is coming.So i decide to make some plans for myself. Now i will tell you what is my plans?Here's what i do.

  i get up at six every morning, and then i wash my face. Then i read English loudly. After that ,i have breakfast. After breakfast ,i go to school.My class begins at eight o'clock. In class ,i must listen to the teacher carefully and takes notes.At eleven thirty , i have lunch at school.After lunch ,i do my classwork .At four thirty ,i leave school for home. when i get to my home, i do myn homework.After i finish my homework, i read books.At about nine o'clock,i have to go to bed.

  It's my new plans.what do you think of them ?Do you have any new plans for youself in the new term?I f you have ,so can you tell me ?