My holiday plan

作者: 。。。   年級:高三   發布時間:2020年05月29日

  Hi,I am Tiger.Zhao,nice to meet you!The summer holiday will come soon,so i have awonderful Sumer Holiday Plan.In this summer holiday,I will go to Hainan Sanya.Sanya has beatiful beaches with clear water.Sanya's wather us very nice.Sanya is warm all year round.I will swim under the blue sky in the sea

  I will go there eat so much seafood too.The seafood there tastes great.

  Sanya has a big butterfly park.I will visit it.They are many butiful butterflies in there.

  Sanya has a Sea World too.I will visit it.I will buy many butiful fishes and sea plants there.

  Sanya it's a good place for family holiday.

  Come and visit Sanya now,you will love Sanya.

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