Dream and Future

作者: 艾雨柔   發布時間:2020年04月24日

  We all have dreams. We all have hope for the future. That is the basicly force that every living creature posseses. Whatever we might gain, if we are denied our dreams and our hopes for future, we will be ruined, capable of nothing more than mere existence. Everyone's life is a struggle for the future. It is our right to fight for it. That is the position we are in. That is why we must fight. (otherwise) The world will once again slide back into darkness and chaos. Even people continue to seek peace and happiness, the world will surely give birth to a new LOGOS. I have no desire to see the world come to that again.

  I thought I've made myself very clear. This is the final defensive measure which will determine the fate of humanity.

  "Don't be concerned with what took place earlier." This world is about to change. We are going to change it. But during this time, in all the confusion, we will have to make decisions unlike any we have to make before. There will be moments of doubt, and you feel you want to ran away.

  It's nobody's fault. It's just how people are today. We have come too far to turn back.