The Change

作者: 艾雨柔   年級:初二   發布時間:2020年04月24日

  All people carry within their bodies information on every aspect of their nature: their pesonality, intelligence, abilities and the sensibility to disease. First of all, it's important for us to have a clear understanding of this information. It may be that you are currently treated unfairly.

  It may be that without you, or anyone else knowing it, your unique abilities are being denied the opportunity to express excels. Let us begin by finding out everything we can about ourselves so we can all become whoever we were meant to be.

  He has us on his side. The chairman is trying to create a world where everyone can live happily, a world where there will never be violence conflict. It is our job to help build it and protect it. The chairman selected you because you are stronger than anyone else and also because you long for that world more than anyone.

  History tells us, great changes always met with resistence. Due to our own ignorance, we have no way of knowing our future. But it is undeniable the people must change. It's not easy to see the whole picture from this angle.

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