Suggestion letter

作者: define   年級:高三   發布時間:2020年04月22日

  Dear Jim,

  I'm glad to hear that you are interested in Chinese traditional culture. The purpose of my letter is to introduce some Chinese traditional culture to you.

  I have a lot to know about Chinese traditional culture. I can introduce it to you one by one. For example, about Chinese traditional festivals, our traditional festivals are very colorful. Chinese traditional culture includes Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Double Ninth Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Ching Ming Festival. In addition to these festivals, there are a lot of traditional festivals, each festival has the truth of each festival.I think you must choose an optional course. You can choose any festival you like as well as some cultural activities. I think you'd better choose one or two, because then you can concentrate.The subject I recommend is to study ceramics. Because the craft of ceramics is a very traditional Chinese craft, it represents Chinese traditional culture. Here are some suggestions I would like to make to you about studying this course.I suggest that you have to go to the local area to inspect and make a ceramic yourself. Only in practice can you learn more than you can in your textbook. I hope you can listen to some of my suggestions, I hope my suggestions can be of some help to you.

  If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to tell me, look forward to your early reply.

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