Online learning

作者: 月下獨酌   發布時間:2020年03月09日

  The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day,The Internet or WiFi has quietly come to our daily life,And many electronic products have come into our lives, such as mobile phones, iPads or tablets,These things are mobile devices,This is the century,And the Internet was born,With the continuous progress and development of the network,Now we can search a lot of things on the Internet,It is indispensable for both entertainment and learning,Others use the Internet to teach,We call it online learning,This way is also very good,It is a very attractive place.

  There are many advantages of online learning:It's very convenient, and it saves time.We don't need to go to school to hear the teacher,They only need to pick up their mobile phones or tablets at home, and they can take classes anytime and anywhere,As long as you have traffic or WiFi,And we don't have to go to the library to find a book,We just need to click on the search, search yourself and think about what you're looking for,There is no need to find a pile of books slowly, which is very convenient and time-saving.And one of the biggest advantages is,We can study anytime and anywhere,And some platforms have also introduced chat functions,We can also exchange learning experience and help with our classmates on the Internet,If we encounter any difficulties, we can ask others,It will only take a few minutes for someone to answer our questions;And we can share our thoughts,Share your good learning experience with others,This is all very good,We can also find the most suitable and helpful learning materials from many, many learning materials,And it won't be like before:“Dear me,Forget it. Forget it,Let's just make do with it,You can't find a book that suits me best!”Now we can find whatever we want.

  However,Online learning has some disadvantages,For teenagers like us now,Especially those between the ages of 12 and 16,This is the time when the Internet is most likely to lead them to a corrupt life,If you haven't been affected by complex information in these years,You can draw a lot of useful learning experience from the Internet,But if you touch the Internet too early,And from the network to see something that does not match their age,Or I saw something pornographic and bad,This may affect your outlook on life, and even affect your whole life,Therefore, we must concentrate on learning and not be affected by other colored information,Because online learning may lead to online games ,Games are very bad for us,So we can't let the Internet ruin our lives,We should use the Internet correctly,Learning must be devoted to learning.

  Although online learning has both advantages and disadvantages,But I still believe,Online learning will certainly become a popular way of learning in the near future,Online learning may also replace traditional school learning,Students can learn useful knowledge more efficiently and conveniently,Now,Let's just look forward to it!