A letter to the paramedics

作者: Raynor   發布時間:2020年03月05日

  Dear healthcare workers:

  How are you guys doing?This year's the Spring Festival, you did not return home to reunite with your families, but went to Wuhan to fight the epidemic.I know you are all for the happiness of the people.

  Doctors and nurses, I have something to say to you.I have asked God to bless you. You must return in peace. You must take good care of yourself, not too hard. For the happiness and well-being of the people, you must be good. Your children need you.You are great, but also ordinary.When you are tired, please have a rest.

  Thanks to a group of you can be controlled, we can live so happy, you are the greatest angel in white.I love you guys.

  A pupil