My idol

作者: Raynor   發布時間:2020年03月05日

  Everyone has a God or goddess in his mind, which we call an idol.I want to talk to you about my idol.My idol is a singer, his name is Yang Hongji.Yang Hongji, 78 years old, is a famous baritone singer in China and a national first-class actor.He is famous for singing the theme song of a TV series called Romance of the Three Kingdoms, rolling water passing by the Yangtze River in the east.

  We affectionately call Yang Hongji teacher Yang.Teacher Yang loves music all his life.He regards singing as his life.When he was young, he was engaged in all kinds of music and literary work.Teacher Yang has trained a natural singing voice with his lifelong experience.He is an artist who has a deep foundation and loves literature and art.

  Teacher Yang has many excellent qualities, which are worth taking with us.He is very grounded.He once met with setbacks.He had sung the theme song of Journey to the West before, dared to ask where the road failed, but he did not give up, continued to wait, continued to work hard, and finally waited for the opportunity of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

  Teacher Yang is also very kind, he once patiently instructed Zhu Zhiwen to sing.He especially respects peasants and peasant singers.He has a lot of good qualities, which are worthy of my worship.

  One day, I want to be like Mr. Yang Hongji, overcoming difficulties to achieve success.I'm going to sing the song of life.