My favorite music

作者: 月下獨酌   發布時間:2020年03月03日

  “Fate makes us meet light years away……”Every time I think of this melody,My ears would float as Deng Ziqi sang light years away,This song is the theme song of the movie space travelers,I think this song is very good.What music do you like to listen to?Next, I'll take you to see it!

  Everyone will have their own music to listen to,Some people may like classical sounds,Some people may like DJ music,Some people may like online pop music,Some people like sad music……These are all uniform,It's just a different way of expressing music.And my favorite music isMusic that tends to be classical, but not classical,It is the kind of music that is quiet and slow.But one of my favorite music songs is still sung by Deng Ziqi light years away.

  The melody of the song light years away is different from the general song,It starts with a very slow melody, and then it's very powerful,The form of two people facing each other in space, but unable to meet each other, can not be completely expressed by singing,This is one of my favorite songs, too.

  Everyone will have a favorite song in his heart.So what's your favorite song?I believe you may also like this song!