My favorite animal

作者: 月下獨酌   發布時間:2020年03月02日

  There are many animals in the world,Some of them are very big,Some small ones are like cups,But no matter what their size,We all love those animals,We should also love animals,Do you know what my favorite animal is?Coming up,I'll show you!

  My favorite animal is the bear.Do you want to know why I only like the panda?Because the first time I saw the panda, I fell in love with the bear,The panda's habitable appearance makes me very cute,Last time my parents took me to the zoo to see the animals,I saw the panda,Panda is fat and round,It's like a ball,Round and round,Everyone will think the panda is very cute when they see him at first sight!After the initial description of the shape of the panda,I pestered my parents to take me back to zoonotic origin again,I saw the panda walk with four feet to crawl,I am looking for my information on Baidu,I understand that the panda is a mammal,His body is like a bear,Panda's favorite food is bamboo,As long as everyone threw bamboo at him, he would eat it with relish,The expression when eating is very cute.Especially the black and white appearance of pandas,And the big black circles under my eyes,It just melted my heart,I can't help it, mom and dad:“Mom and dad,I want to have a giant panda!”After listening to my words, mom and dad,I can't help laughing,Said with a smile:“Stupid kid,Pandas are high-risk animals,It is our country of China,It is illegal to eat giant pandas,It is even more impossible to raise giant pandas。”After listening to this sentence,My mood is not feeling low,But I thought about what they said,What you said is true and reasonable.

  The giant panda is not only lovely in color,The weight is also very.Listen to the staff there,The world's heaviest giant panda can weigh up to 180 kilograms,After hearing this number,I can't help but be scared,I can't help trembling in my limbs,Image:About the panda attack,What am I supposed to do?I told my parents about my idea,Mom and Dad heard it,He said to me with a smile:“The giant panda's mood is very mild,They generally do not actively harm humans,Don't worry。”Listen to this sentence,I'm very happy.

  What is your favorite animal?I think,You may also like our national treasure of China——Giant panda!Everyone has their own favorite animals,But we must also be kind to animals,You have to protect animals,Animals are part of nature,If animals disappear from our world,But we really need to take it seriously!