My favorite fruit to eat

作者: 月下獨酌   發布時間:2020年03月01日

  Well known,We can eat a lot of fruit,There are many fruits in the world,Maybe I did,Or a kiwi,Or a pineapple,Wait. Wait.Fruits are also rich in vitamins and nutrients,Coming up,I'll show you what fruit I like best!

  My favorite fruit is dragon fruit.How to open the skin outside dragon fruit inside,Pitaya that white in the white with a little black and purple mixed with the pulp, it will show in front of you,Don't look at the pulp of pitaya fruit,But he's actually delicious,Pitaya tastes sour and sweet,The taste is very delicate,You take another bite,Fire dragon fruit, rich in water flesh will burst open,It's like draughts,Maybe the dragon fruit you eat is very sour,That's because the dragon fruit you eat may not be ripe yet,Ripe pitaya fruit tastes very sweet,It tastes just like honey,Lick it into your heart.

  Not only the flesh of dragon fruit is very delicious,The effect and function of pitaya fruit are very much,So he is known as the fruit“The king of fruit”.Dragon fruit can not only play a whitening role,Moreover, pitaya is also divided into white-hearted pitaya and red-hearted pitaya,Generally, the sweetness of white dragon fruit is not as high as that of red dragon fruit,But the nutritional value is higher than that of red heart dragon fruit,You,The taste and price of red heart dragon fruit are higher than that of white heart dragon fruit,So I prefer the red heart dragon fruit.

  My favorite fruit is pitaya,Because it not only has the function of whitening, but also has very good nutritional value and function,What fruit do you like to eat?You can be like me,Come to eat dragon fruit!